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The Original Gardena Paybacc Crips or the Gardena Paybacc Crips (GPBC) are located on the West Side of Gardena, California. Their territory stretches from El Segundo Ave to Redondo Beach Blvd, between Normandie Ave and Vermont Ave, with the 110 “Harbor” Freeway as their borderline. They are known to sport green, which the city color for Gardena.

The Gardena Paybacc Crips consist of three cliques 129th Street and 134th Street to 139th Street. The Paybacc Crips also regulate the Corsican Apartments and the Strawberry Square Center, located around Vermont Ave and Rosecrans Ave. They spell Paybacc with two C’s “CC” instead of Payback with “CK” which means in gang culture “Crip Killier.”

The Paybacc

The Gardena Paybacc Crips was started over thirty years ago by Angelo White aka Barefoot Pookie.   Barefoot OG Pookie, also participated in the creation of the Crips along with “Raymond Washington” of the EastSide Crips and Stanley “Tookie” Williams of the WestSide Crips.

OG Pookie and fellow Paybacc Crips, were featured in a documentary/movie called “Dead Homiez,” the film interview several gang members from different neighborhoods throughout South Los Angeles, CA. Pookie and other member’s of the Paybacc’s, also appeared on the television show produced by Ice-T called “The Peacemaker.” 

The Gardena Paybacc Crips and the Mad Ass Gangster Crips appeared on the Peacemaker, in an attempt to settle the feud between the two gangs. Which, originated from a fist-fight gone wrong at a house party in Gardena. The Paybacc Crips and the Mad Ass Gangster Crips eventually sit aside their feud forming an alliance.

Allies And Crips

The Gardena Paybacc Crip’s are allies of the Shotgun Crips and the Thug Family Gangster Crips as well as all Compton Crips. The Paybacc Crips are bitter rivals of the Gardena Cycos 13, which is a Hispanic gang. The Gardena Paybacc Crips and the Cycos 13 have been feuding for over twenty years.

This rivalry between the two, is responsible for several gang-related homicides in the city of Gardena. Other rivals include the Hawthorne Pirus and the 120 Raymond Ave Crips as well as the Varrio 204th Street located in Torrence, California.




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