harbor city rifas
Varrio Harbor City Rifas (VHCR)

The Harbor City Boys (HCB) also known as the Harbor City Rifas (HCR), are largely a Mexican-American located in Harbor City, California. The Harbor City Rifas, originated around the Harbor Village projects, formerly known as the Normont Terrence Housing Projects. Which, they share with the Harbor City Crips, an African-American street gang, who mainly feud with Latino gangs in Wilmington, Torrance and San Pedro, California.

The Harbor City Boys, have several cliques such as the 255th Street Baby Locos, 256th Street High Times, Tiny Locos (TLS), PeeWees (PWS), and Lil Locos (LLS). This gang has been active for over two decades, and has maintain a strong presence throughout the 1980s and the 1990s.

Allies & Rivals

The Harbor City Boys, have an alliance with the Harbor City Crips, due to their common hatred towards Latino gangs in Torrence and Wilmington such as the East Torrence, 204th Street and the Wilmas Gang, located in the Wilmington District of South Los Angeles. The Harbor City Rifas, also feud with the Rancho San Pedro Gang, another Latino street gang, who mainly feud with the Dodge City Crips and the Varrio Young Crowed.

The Harbor City Rifas and the Wilmas Gang, have been feuding since 1990. Alegendly, a car full of Harbor City Boys drove to Wilmington, on a shooting spree looking for members of the Wilmas Gang. However, the Wilmas Gang, gave pursuit and followed them back to Habor City, where another shootout to place, leaving one Harbor City Boys dead.

The Harbor City Rifas, wanted revenge, which contribute to a string of shootings along the Pacific Coast Hwy, near the Harbor Village Housing Projects. Law enforcement say their have been a total of 17 drive-by shootings, and 4 gang-related deaths in Wilmington and Harbor City. The Harbor City Boys and the Wilmas Gang have feuding for over twenty years, and show no interest in a peace treaty.

The Habor City Rifas are arch enemies of the East Side Torrence 13, an Latino street gang located in the city of Torrence. These two gangs, have been rivals since 1988.








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