Harbor City Crips and Dodge City Crips
Harbor City Crips and Dodge City Crips

The Harbor City Crips (HCC) are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located on the West Side of Harbor City, California. Their neighborhood stretches from Vermont Ave to Western Ave, between Lomita Blvd and Anaheim Street. The Harbor City Crips share their neighborhood with the Harbor City Boys, which is predominately a Hispanic street gang.

The Harbor City Crips consist of many cliques such as 252nd Street, 254th Street and 255th Street. The Go Gettas click, is known for their devious reputation for murder, extortion and gang-related shootings. Members of the Harbor City Crips are known to sport aperal of the Houston Astros, an American professional baseball team from Houston Texas. They wear Houston Astros baseball caps, with the large letter “H” to represent Harbor.

Allies & Rivals

The Harbor City Crips are allies of the Dodge City Crips, located in the city of San Pedro. They also have an alliance with the Harbor City Boys, due to their common hatred for rival gangs such as the Varrio East Side Torrance, an  Hispanic gang located in Torrence, California. The Harbor City Crips and the Habor City Boys originated in/around Normont Housing Projects, also known as the Harbor Village. Other rivals include the Varrio 204th Street, Varrio Longos 13sEast Side Pain, and the Water Front Piru.





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