Harvard Gangster Crips

The Harvard Gangster Crips (HGC) are an African-American street gang located the West Athens, district of Los Angele’s, California. However, they claim South Los Angeles. The Harvard Gangster Crips originated in the late 1970’s, around Harvard Blvd, between Western Ave and Halldale Ave.

In 1993, the Harvard Gangster Crips received national notability, when one of their member appeared in a documentary film Dead Homies, which covers a variety of gangs from different neighborhoods, such as the Grape Street Crips and the Bounty Hunter Bloods in Watts, Paybacc Crips in Gardena, Mad Swan Bloods and the East Coast Crips in South Los Angeles, CA.

The Harvard Gangster Crips main cliques are 127th Street and 126th Street. They falls under the Gangster Crips (3x) umbrella. Rivals include: Athens Park Bloods, 120 Raymond Avenue Crips, Denver Lane Bloods111 Neighborhood Crips, 112 Neighborhood Crips, and the 115 Neighborhood Crips.


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