Hat Gang Watts Crip

hat gang watts

The Hat Gang Watts Crips (HGWC) AKA Hat Gang Watts are an active African-American street gang located on the East Side in the Watts section of South Los Angeles, California.  Their neighborhood spread from 92nd Street to 98th Street, around Central Ave to Parmelee Ave. The Hat Gang Watts have been around for over thirty plus years, and is one of the most violent gangs in Watts.

The Hat Gang Watts, consist of several cliques, but their main cliques are 92nd Street and 96th Street. The Hat Gang members are known to sport black as their primary color, and often refer to themselves as the “Black Rag Gang” or “Black Rag Crips.” Their territory is small when compared to other surrounding gangs located in the city of Watts .

Despite their size, the Hat Gang Watts have a brutal reputation for gun violence, home invasions, strong-arm robberies, and homicide. The Hat Gang Watts Crips, are well-known throughout the South Los Angeles/Watts/Compton, region without national media coverage.

The Black Hole Of Watts (rap group), who was featured on Mo Thugs (rap group) Mo Thugs III: The Mothership (album) with a solo song called “Down From The Start” in 2000, are affiliated with the Hat Gang Watts Crips.

Allies And Rivals

The Hat Gang Watts are allies of the East Coast Crips (especially the 97 East Coast Crips) and the Front Street Crips along with the Playboy Gangster Crips.

The Hat Gang Watts were once close allies of the 99 Mafia Crips and the Compton Ave Crips in the 1980s. As a matter of fact, early members of the Compton Ave Crips had a helping hand in the creation of the Hat Gang Watts Crips. However, by the 1990s the feud between the Hat Gang and the Compton Ave Crips along with the 99 Mafia Crips, graduated from fighting to gun-play.

Their feud with the 99 Mafia Crips, has also put a strain on their relationships with other crip gangs under the Mafia Crips card. Other rivals include: Bounty Hunter Bloods, Circle City Piru, BeBop Watts Bloods, Hacienda Village-Bloods, Grape Street Crips, Venice Shoreline CripsMona Park Compton Crips, Eight Tray Gangster Crips and Compton Avenue Crips



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  3. Who ever wrote this is missing information! One of HGW’s main allies was, and is FSWC! We respect, and have love for all ECC, but our closet EC connect is 89! We respect, and do not beef with FTMC, and MSMC, these are the only “MAFIA” Crips respected in South Central Gang Banging lure…the others are considered to be “MAGGOTS” or, fakes…and have been told this by the undisputed MAFIA’s Main Street Mafia! you are partially right about the CAC’s, we were not allies, the leaders of CAC were once from HGW, but had been “DP’ed” and instead of taking it, broke off and formed the CAC! 99 WMC, were never allies, or friends of HGW, but were “DOOR MATS” to brutality from the OG Hats, and as years passed, to present, the young Hats, who would brutilize the 99’s til they could take it anymore, thus “THEY” turned to gunplay, and it’s been violence on site since then! We have other allies such as 7 Street Watts, Holmes ST Watts, and do not beef with PJW. The Grape Street Watts have had a long, but tense relationship with HGW, due to the relationship we have with EC, but there is no ” real” beef with Grape Street. There is new beef with the RSC as well, but I don’t know how, or who wrote the beef with ETG, that is very incorrect there’s no beef with the 83GC! Infact, we both have beef and smash on 99’s, who are consider to be “MAGGOTS”.