lil wattsHawthorne Lil Watts (LWS) also known as Hawthorne 13 (LWS13) are an Mexican-American street gang located in Hawthorne, California. Their neighborhood spread from El Segundo Ave and Imperial HWY, between Hawthorne Blvd and Prairie Ave. The Lil Watts Gang originated in the 1960s, making them the oldest gang in the city of Hawthorne.

Hawthorne Lil Watts 13 gang consist of servaral cliques such as: Tiny Locos, Winos, Fab, Dukes, Baby Locos, Tokers, Demons, TraviesosUnderground Locos, 147th Street, 135th Street, 126th Street, and 120th Street.

The LWS are often confused with the Watts 13 Gang, due to their similar names. The Watts 13 Gang is another hispanic gang located in the city of Watts, California. Depite similar names, they have no affiation with each other.

The Hawthorne Lil Watts, are allies of the Redondo Beach 13, an Latino gang based in Redondo Beach, California. Rivals include: Lawndale 13, Sanfers 13Evil Klan 13Los Compadres Varrio 3South Side PlayersVarrio Rancho San Pedro X3, and Lennox 13.


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