Hawthorne Thug Family Gangster Crips

The Hawthorne Thug Family (HTF) also known as the Hawthorne Thug Family Gangster Crips (HTFGC) are an African-American street gang located on the west side of Hawthorne, California. Their neighborhood is around 139th Street, between Crenshaw Blvd and Prairie Ave. The Hawthorne Thug Family Gangster Crips have been active for over twenty years, and falls under the Gangster Crips (3X).

Allies & Rivals

The Hawthorne Thug Family have a close alliance with the 118 Gangster Crips and the Mad Ass Gangster Crips. Other allies include the Eight Tray Gangster Crips and the Harvard Gangster Crips along with the Gardena Paybacc Crips.

The Hawthorne Thug Family Gangster Crips mainly feud with street gangs within Hawthorne, Gardena, Glendale, Inglewood, and the South Bay region of Los Angeles. Which, include Hawthorne Piru GangInglewood Family Bloods, Avenue Piru Gang, and the Lil Watts 13. Their rival crip gangs Acacia Blocc Hustler Crips, Neighborhood Crips, and the Raymond Avenue Crips.


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