Keith Thomas Parker known on the streets as Keita Rock or Keita Roc (spelled without the K) is an African-American rapper, who was signed to Death Row Records thru Suge Knight. In 2002, Keita Roc released Let’zGet’itCrack’n, which is his debut and only album. This had guess appearance’s by CJ MacDresta Da Gangsta, and Suga Free. In an addition to music, Keita Rock is affiliated with the notorious Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crip’s based in South Los Angeles.


Keita Rock has collaborated with many artist’s such as Kurupt, CJ Mac, and Swoop G. Keita was also featured on Death Row Records – Too Gangsta For TV (compilation album). He also appeared in a documentary by CJ Mac entitled “Cwalk: It’s a Way of Livin”. It features such rappers as Snoop DoggWC and other members of the Crips. Keita Rock street credibility and reputation precede his music legacy.

Murder Case

‎In 2005, Keita Rock, was accused of robbing a dope dealer out of one hundred pounds of marijuana. Keita Rock was charged with three felonies: first degree murder (reduced to second degree murder), attempted arm robbery, and aggravated assault. Keita Roc was sentenced by the Arizona Supreme Court, to sixteen and a half year’s, plus an additional seven and a half years in prison. However, he proclaim his innocence.


Keita Rock Murder Case

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