krook city bloods
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The Krook City Bloods (KCB), also known as the Mid Valley Bloods (MVB) and MidValley Krook City Bloods (MVKCB) are primarily an Samoan-American street gang that function in the Tri-City area of Oceanside, in the North County (San Diego area) of California. This gang originated in the early 1990s, with a small population, according to the Oceanside police Department (OPD).

The Krook City Bloods, share parts of their community with the Insane Crip Gang, a predominantly African-American street gang located in the Fireside area of Oceanside. The Krook City Bloods are not to be confused with the Crook City Bloods, a mixed street gang operating in Huntington Beach and West Minister (cities) of Orange County.

Day Day King and B-Nutty, are popular rappers in the Samoan community and are past members of the Krook City Bloods.nDay Day King, have collaborated with a number of popular rappers throughout his music career with gang-ties such as Redrum 781 (of Bloods & Crips) and Compton Menace (of Black Wall Street), who affiated with the Fruit Town Pirus.

Allies & Rivals

The Krook City Bloods are allies of their neighbors the Deep Valley Bloods, the only other Samoan-American street gang in the city of Oceanside. They are known to feud with African-American street gangs, due to black sets fall under the Crips, such as the Mid-Vally Insane Crips and the Crook Mobster Gangster Crips as well as the Deep-Valley Crips. They also feud with the West Side Crips and the Linda Vista Crips.


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