Cee Wee 3

Lamar Canady (born Nov. 10, 1981), Better known on the streets as by his stage name Cee Wee 3, or Cee Wee Thr33, the Thr33 is a reference to 33rd Street which is a clique of the West Coast Crips. Cee Wee 3 was an American rapper from the SouthEast region in San Diego, California. Cee Wee 3 have released multiple albums such as “Round Of Applause” (2009) and the “West Coast Official” (2006) “Deep Heat” (2004).

Cee Wee 3 was affiliated with the West Coast Crips, a notorious street gang located in the Stockton/Central neighborhood of SouthEast San Diego. The West Coast Crips have a tight alliance with the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, both gangs have history dating back to the 1970s. Cee Wee 3 also branded his upper back with a large tattoo of “West Coast” to show his affiliation with the West Coast Crips.

Music Career

Cee Wee 3, Googie Monsta (rapper) and I-Rocc (rapper) often collaborated together on music projects. The trio was friends long before the music and were affiliated with the West Coast Crips. Cee Wee 3, was also the founder and CEO of West Coast Official Entertainment, an independent record label which debuted with the release of “West Coast Official” (album).

In 2009, Googie Monsta and Treali Duce collaborated on a song Called “R. I. P Lil Mikey” which was featured on “Capital Investment Vol. II Each 1 Teach 1” a compilation album, by Cee Wee 3. The song is a tribute to the memory of Mikey Michael Anthony Watkins known on the streets as “Lil Mickey” a known member of the West Coast Crips who was gunned down during a robbery attempt on a coin shop, by the owner of the store.

Barbershop Shooting & Death

Cee Wee 3 Barber-Shop-Shooting

On friday the 9th, 2014 around 11:30 in the morning an unknown assailant, walked inside the barbershop and open fire without warning. Cee Wee 3 was shot multiple times, then the suspect fled the scene. By the time San Diego police arrived at the barbershop they found the lifeless body of Lamar Canady. 

A large angry crowd of the community developed outside of the barbershop, emotions exploded as many residents became hostile towards the news media and police officers. Police describe the shooter as being  a dark-skinned Male sporting dark clothes with a Baseball cap. Lamar Canady (Cee Wee 3) was 32 years old at the time of his death he left behind four children including a baby girl.  

A Vigil (stop the violence) was held for Lamar Canady a.k.a. Cee Wee 3 which included family, friends and a San Diego council member Myrtle Cole. A Memorial outside of the barbershop features a balloon, bouquets of flowers and nearly 100 lighted candles.
A family member of Cee Wee 3 say his death might be linked to the date of the shooting (May 9).

May 9, is known as Hoova Day, a day associated with gang retribution, meaning where Bloods go hunting forCrips (retaliation). On May 19, Authorities have released photos and video footage of the suspected gunman in the May 9, barbershop shooting. On May 9, 2014, the alledged shooter walked into a barbershop located on Redwood Street (5404) in Oak Park, and fired multiple shots killing the owner, Lamar “Cee Wee 3″ Canady.

Police released information to Crime Stoppers and local community residents hoping that the public will recognize him, and bring the victim grieving family justice. Anyone with information regarding the case is urged to contact Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at 888-580-8477 or submit tips to sdcrimestoppers.com.

On Aug 8, 2014, Wednesday morning police arrested two individuals as primary suspects in the murder of the slain rapper. 38-year-old Ian Patrick Guthrie, in the 9800 block of Via Monzon in Rancho Penasquitso. 47-year-old Peter Johnson, was arrested and booked in into the Kansas City Headquarters Detention Unit.


  • 2011: Round Of Applause
  • 2009: The Capital Investment Vol. II Each 1 Teach 1 ‎
  • 2007: The Capital Investment – Source Of Income Vol.1 
  • 2006: West Coast Official 
  • 2004: Deep Heat


  • Cee Wee 3 Ft. Philthy rich & I-rocc “Same Cloth”
  • Cee Wee 3 – Before They Sign Me
  • Cee Wee 3 – The Bottle 
  • Cee Wee 3 – Chase Mine












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  1. But besides that point, I’m sad to see this continue to happen to the rappers in my community. My son practices Little League just south up the road from Cee Wees barbershop off 54th and Nutmeg. San Diego never makes it big on the rap scene because almost every major local rapper has been killed or incarcerated. R.I.P. Cee Wee, Gangsta Ern, Lil’ Mitchy Slick, and J Bick. All taken too soon. This is senseless and it has to stop.

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