Lil Hawk aka Red Ridin Hood (Born Bobby Williams Feb 23, 1973), is an American rapper from the West Side of Inglewood, California. Hawk made his debut and was considered one of the most popular member of the Bloods & Crips (rap group), second to B Brazy. Lil Hawk is recognized by his relaxed vocals style, similar to Snoop Dogg (rapper).

Lil Hawk, was affiated with the Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods, a known criminal street gang, located in the city of Inglewood, in an area known by local residents as “Bottomsville” or the “Bottoms.”  Lil Hawk also has Bottomsville tattoed on his neck, which represent this section of Inglewood.

Bloods & Crips/Damu Ridas

Lil Hawk made his first appearance on Bloods & Crips “Bangin On Wax… The Saga Continues,”  with fellow members Big Wy (CMG) with Rudrum 781 (APG), Evil Pat (MSB), Tip Toe (CMG) Pimp D (CMG), Spyder aka S.P (CMG), and O.G Mad Eye (CMG). Lil Hawk is known for having the most songs (solo) out of all the members of the Bloods & Crips and the Damu Ridas.

Lil Hawk was also a key figure in the Damu Ridas (Rap Group). Lil Hawk and Big Wy are regarded as one of the first to associate the term “Woop Woop” with Bloods, on a song called “Mafia Lane.” Hawk caught a murder case and is incarcerated serving  25 to life, he is also a member of the Inglewood Crensaw Mafia Gang.

Lil Hawk and B-Brazy collaborated on several songs such as: Comin Str8 from the brains, Mafia Lane, 2 Famous B Dogs and many more. Big Wy made a dedication and tribute song to Lil Hawk called “Free Lil Hawk.” Red Ridin Hood, made his first video appearance on G’s And Loc’s, Damu Ride, and Wish You Was Here.

Video Appearance

  • Damu Ride
  • G’ and Locs
  • Wish You Was Here


  • Bangin On Wax
  • Bangin On Wax… The Saga Continues
  • Damu Ridas
  • Damu Ridas (How Deep Is Your Hood)


Gang-Infested Area’s Real Enemies Are Drugs and Guns



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