Mafia Crips

The Mafia Crips are a large criminal organisation consisting of several notorious individual, primarily African-American street gangs, that originated throughout South Los Angeles (formerly known as South Central), California. The Mafia Crips can be found in different regions of the Los Angeles county, such as South CentralWatts, Long Beach and Pomona.

The Main Street Mafia Crips, are one of the notorious street gangs in South Central Los Angeles, and is regarded as the largest sub-set of the Mafia Crips. The Main Street Crips consist of two sub-sets the 98 Main Street Mafia Crips and the 84 Main Street Mafia Crips.

In the Watts district of Los Angeles, there are four gangs under the Mafia Crips, such as the Blue Gate Mafia Crips and the Beach Town Mafia Crips, these two gangs are also clicked up this alliance is known as the “Blue Gate Beach Town” or “Blue Town Mafia Crips.” The Fudge Town Mafia Crips and the 99 Mafia Crips, are two of the most known street gangs in Watts, under the Mafia Crips.

The West Side Mafia Crips and the Angelo Mafia Crips, are the only two gangs in the city of Pomona, that fall under the Mafia Crips. They feud with the 456 Island Piru and the Pomona 12 Street Gang, as well as the 357 Sin Town Crips. However, they mainly feud with Hispanic street gangs in Pomona, California. The West Blvd Mafia Crips and the Mac Mafia Crips, are the only two gangs in Long Beach, that falls under the Mafia Crips card.

Allies & Rivals

The Mafia Crips are allies of all gangs under the Mafia Crips. Some Mafia Crips are rivals of the Denver Lane Bloods, Mad Swan Bloods, Bounty Hunter Bloods, Grape Street CripsEast Coast Crips, Hard Time Hustler Crips, EastSide Hustle Crips, Raymond Avenue Crips and the Hoover Criminal Gangs.

Mafia Crips Sub-Sets

Mafia Gangs (Non-Crip Related)

  • Junior Mafia (Bell Gardens)
  • Varrio Junior Mafia
  • Four Seas Mafia – (Arcadia)


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