modThe Menace of Destruction (MOD) gang  began in the Fresno, California and  have actually been spread throughout the United States. Some states consists of  AlaskaArkansas, California ,ColoradoGeorgiaMinnesota, North CarolinaOregon, and Wisconsin. The Menace of  Destruction or MOD Gang, is a Hmong gang active in California and Milwaukee. They are taken into consideration to be the  biggest and the most organized of the Hmong gangs. While a great deal of sets are made up of  juvenile youths that commit  lesser level criminal activities, some sets is comprised of  more mature members and are known for collaborating and interacting  with the Yoshitomi Group and therefore being associateded with the mob and organized crime. They have a ruputatation for trafficking illegal substances specifically methamphetamine and weapons  along with the Yakuza Gang in the  U.S.A. Members have also been made use of  as contract hitmen by the Yakuza. The MOD Gang could additionally be recognized as Masters of Destruction, Males of  Destruction, or with its number association  “301“. Their allies consist of  the National Criminal Crip Tiny Little Raskal, Yoshitomi Group, and other Hmong gangs. Their rivals include the Asian Boyz Crips,Vietnamese Boyz, Frenso Bulldogs, Sureños, Oriental Ruthless BoysOroville Mono Boys, and the  Hmong Nation Society.


17 MOD members arrested



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