Mitchy Slick (born Charles Mitchell) is a rapper from Southeast San Diego, California, he is also CEO of his own record label Tha Wrongking. Mitchy is well-known in the Lincoln Park area, but his name travels far beyond the streets of Southeast, San Diego. Mitchy Slick is also one-third of Strong Arm Steady (rap group). Mitchy Slick appeared on The History Channel (Gangland ) which also featured his gang, the Lincoln Park Bloods.

Mitchy Slick and Strong Arm Steady, released serveral Albums /Mixtapes such as Gang Mentality (Hosted by Talib Kweli & Affion Crockett) and Arms and Hammers. Mitchy Slick is one of the most succesul rapper in San Diego, along with Jayo Felony (Neghborhood Rollin 40s Crips) and Gangsta Ern (59 Brims). In 2009, Mitchy Slick name was included in a gang injuction along with other high-ranking members of the Lincoln Park Bloods (LPB).

Mitchy Slick also collaborated with a number of artist’s who is gang affiliated such as: The GameCedar Block Piru, Jay RockBounty Hunter BloodsBig Wy – Crenshaw Mafia Bloods, Roccett190 East Crips 2Eleven – Neighborhood Piru, RedRum 781Avenue Piru Gang, C-Bo – Garden Blocc CripsKokane, Compton MenaceFruit Town Piru, and Nipsey Hussle – Rollin 60s Crips,

Mitchy Slick On Gangland

Albums/Mixtapes And Collaborations

  • 2013: Won’t Stop
  • 2013: Feet Match the Paint with (The World’s Freshest)
  • 2012: Syndicate Mob Stars
  • 2012: Wrongkind Is Everywhere
  • 2012: Stero Type with (Strong Arm Steady)
  • 2012: Stero Jr with (Strong Arm Steady)
  • 2011: Arms & Hammers with (Strong Arm Steady)
  • 2010: In Search of Stoney Jackson with (Strong Arm Steady)
  • 2008: Yellow Tape
  • 2007: Messy Slick with (messy marv)
  • 2007: XXL Guns Vol. 4
  • 2007: Deep Hearted with (Strong Arm Steady)
  • 2006: Cali Untouchable Radio 13: Dago Edition
  • 2006: Urban Survival Syndrome
  • 2005: Mitchy Duz It
  • 2004: XXL Guns Vol. 3: Killafornia Handgunner
  • 2003: XXL Guns Vol. 2: Guns & Ammo
  • 2003: XXL Guns Vol. 1: Killafornia Handgunner






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