The Nationwide Rip Ridaz is an American rap group, who originated from the Bloods & Crips, which were a collaboration between actual members of the Bloods and Crips from Compton, Watts, Long Beach, and different regions of South Los Angeles, California. After the group dismantle the Bloods became known as the Damu Ridas and the crips became known as the Nationwide Rip Ridaz. In 1995, they released “Nationwide Rip Ridaz” (album) accompanied with a music video. In 1998, they released their final album “Betrayed (Can’t Trust Nobody).”

Nationwide Rip Ridaz/Gang Affiliation

The Nationwide Rip Ridaz were mainly dominated by members from Watts Franklin Crips, such as Half DeadBaby Half Dead, KoollayKeystone, Mac 11, and Cixx Pac. However, Awol and Troll Loc are both affiated with the Kelly Park Compton Crips. Broncoe represent the Fudge Town Mafia Crips and Duv Mac have ties to the Insane Crips, in the city of Long Beach. Twin Loc is connected to the Avalon Gangster CripsBG Scarface and Gangsta Bone are known members of Atlantic Drive Compton Crips.

Fallen Nationwide Ridaz

Awol of Kelly Park Compton Crips, were killed during a confutation in Compton, involving a police officer. Big Freeze, Half Dead and Mac 11 of Watts Franklin Crips, all died by gang related shootings. Only three members of the Nationwide Rip Ridaz were killed in gang related homicides, when compared to the Damu Ridas. On the other hand, over six members of the The Damu Ridas have died by gang related shooting.

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