The Nestor Avenue Compton Crips (NACC) are a predominantly African-American street gang, located on the west side of Compton, California. The Nester Ave Compton Crips originated around Nestor Ave, between Central Ave and Wilmington Ave. 

Tibby Elementary School, reside’s in the heart of their neighborhood. Which, sits directly on Tajuata Ave, between W. Popular Street and Palmer Street

Rivals include:  145 Neighborhood Pirus, Fruit Town Piru, 135 PiruOriginal Block Piru 151Campenella Park Pirus and the Compton Varrio 155.  


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  1. Still tryna figure out wtfcc a Nestor ave is 😂😂😂 tfcc I stayed right off tajuata went to tibby and I stayed on cliveden half my life AINT NEVER HEARD OF YALL… y’all are no longer on the map sorry not sorry

  2. Yall dont excist no more. N.H.151st 145st 156st same gang fuck tree slops blood. They wont come to the hood and handle it just bet bangin redrum blood and young ru bitches fuck tree top

  3. All you nights making these comments but Lil Bob on nestor everyday and cliveden where that tuff shot at then NACC 4 LIFE STUPID…jamaal said it bitch

  4. Nestor please that ain’t no hood we been shut that shit down. 151 neighborhood piru and the CPP so stop it. Crabs claim anything. WS original blocking.