North Gangster Crips (NGC)

The Nogales Gangster Crips (NGC), also known as the Nogales Street Gangster Crips (NSGC) or simply Nogales Crips (NC) are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang named after a residential street (Nogales St.) between Rio Linda Blvd and Marysville Blvd located in North Sacramento, California.

They originated in the 1980’s or early 1990’s, after the formation of gangs in South Central, Los Angeles. Police and rivals often identify Members of the Nogales Gangster Crips by their apparel and tattoos, which usually consist of “NGC” or “NC” (Etc). Along with the traditional blue handkerchief commonly wore by members to flaunt their affiliation with the crips.

Allies And Rivals

The Nogales Gangster Crips are virtually surrounded by blood gangs, which are natural enemies to the crips. Their past rivalries include the Oak Park Bloods, along with the Belden Street Bloods and the Elm Street Bloods, both are cliques of the Del Paso Heights Bloods. However, in the past these two rival gangs coexisted peacefully as neighbors with a few violent altercations.

For instance, on November 29, 2002, a member of the Nogales Gangster Crips, pulled out a handgun and shot and killed two members of the Del Paso Heights Bloods after a verbal altercation occurred at a pizza parlor. In January 2005, a member of the Nogales Gangster Crips was shot and killed during a shootout, sparking an intense war between the two gangs.


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  1. See ya’ll fuckin up, saying all that shit about NGC now they put up the gang. Stop mentioning shit, dry snitchin as a mf. Idk how much this can hurt gangs tho, I mean cops already got ur number one way or another if u in this shit heavy. Once u in the politics of this life then it dont matter who know, just are u smart enuf to get around it and how long u can do it for…