Perrs Loc Crips

The Perris Loc Crips (PLC), also known as the P-Loc Crips or South Side Perris Crips (SSPLC), due to their neighborhood being located in the Southern area of Perris (South Perris), Riverside County, California. They are primarily an African-American criminal street gang and consist of several various sub-cliques such as the Young Gunners, Frontline Crips as well as the Straight Locs.

The Perris Loc Crips are known to sport apparel by the Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball team), such as baseball caps with the large “P” to signify their affiliation with the “Perris” Loc Crips. They are neighbors of the Perris Marvilla and the 13 Perou Street, two Latino gangs who also claim South Perris (South Side) as their home. The Perris Loc Crips are known to congregate between Perris Blvd and G Street.

Allies And Rivals

In 2002 or 2003, the Perris Loc Crips formed an alliance with the Mead Valley Gangster Crips, which doubled their size as well as jurisdiction. They also share common rivals such as the Perris Neighborhood Crips and the Gutta Squad Mafia, who are located on the East Side of Perris.


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