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The PJ Watts Crips (PJWC) are predominantly an African-American/Black street gang located on in the Imperial Courts Housing Projects on the East Side in the Watts district of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood stretches from 112th Street to Imperial Highway, between Grape Street and Mona Blvd. They are considered the 2nd largest crip gang in the city of Watts.

The PJ Watts are directly East of the Bounty Hounter Bloods, and South of the Grape Street Crips. The PJ Crips are one of the oldest Crip gangs in the city of Watts, and consist of 4 cliques: Bull Side, Funny Side, Pill Head, and the  Island Side. 

Tony Bogard King Of The Imperial Courts

Tyrone Tony Thomas better known on the streets as Tony Bogard, a high-ranking member of the PJ Watts Crips, a ganglord turned Peacemaker. Tony Bogard was widely recognised as one of the leaders of the 1992 Watts Gang Truce, between Bloods and Crips. Tony Bogard was well-known by celebrities, and also appeared on the Oprah Show, in 1993.

The PJ Watts, Grape Street CripsBounty Hunter BloodsHacienda Village Bloods, participated in the 1992 Watts Truce. The Truce meeting was held in the Imperial Courts, led by Tony Bogard. They used a cease-fire treaty based on the text of the Israel-Egypt truce of 1949. Meanwhile, others viewed Bogard as a fraud who embraced the truce as a cover up for his criminal schemes.

In 1994, Tony Bogard got into a deadly confutation with Rodney Compton, a reputable member of the PJ Watts, which led to a shootout in the parking lot of the Imperial Courts (114th Street). Tony Bogard was struck by six bullets and died at the scene. Andre Wicker (Nutty Blocc Compton Crips) better known as Gangsta Dresta and the older brother of BG Knocc Out (Nutty Blocc Compton Crips), was also shot in the crossfire.

Dresta was in critical condition and placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), but managed to survive. Rodney Compton was charged with first degree murder, but plead no contest to one count of voluntary man slaughter and received one year of probation. Bogard funeral had over 300 people in attendance, which included ex-gang leaders, rapper Ice-T, and the Nation of Islam’s top representative.

In Entertainment

Parts of the Motion Picture Training Day (2001) was filmed in the Imperial Courts. The PJ Watts Crips also was featured on the A&E television show, The Peacemaker: LA Gang Wars, in an attempt to seattle difference’s between the PJ Watts and the Fudge Town Mafia Crips.

Allies And Rivals

Allies include: 7th Street WattsFront Street CripsFudge Town Mafia Crips (on/off), and the Bounty Hunter BloodsRivals include: Be-Bop Watts BloodsGrape Street CripsTen Line Gangster CripsMona Park Compton Crips, and the Carver Park Compton Crips.




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