Project Gangster Crips

The Rubidoux Project Crips (PJC) also known as the Project Gangster Crips (PJGC) and the West Side Rubidoux Project Crips or the P-Jays, are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American multigenerational street gang located in the neighborhood of Rubidoux, on the West Side of Riverside, California. The Project Crips cliques consist of the 29th Street Crips and 28th Street Crips as well as the 35th Street.

The Project Crips, not to be confused with the Project (PJs) Watts Crips, which is located on the East Side in the Watts, region of South Los Angeles. The Project Crips share the Rubidoux community with the West Side Riva and the Dog Town Riva, predominantly Hispanic gang’s, who mainly feud with various latino gangs such as Varrio Night Owls and Varrio Dawg Town Riva. The Project Crips fall under the Gangster Crips also known as 3X Trays or Movin Gangs.


The New Breed Of Hustlas, an American rap group consisted of Baby Fresh, Cas Loc, Silk and G Bubs debuted in the 1990’s. They captured attention with singles like “My Dawgs” and “B.G. Thang” (singles), through an independent record label known as Mobstyle Records. The New Breed of Hustlas, hail from the city of Riverside, and were affiliated with the West Side Project Gangster Crips.

The Breed Of Hustlas is credited as being the first independent rap group from the to receive media recognition outside of the Riverside. They generated  heavy rotation on The Box (Video Jukebox Network), which was a popular cable television channel, among residents of South Central Los Angeles. However, the Hustla’s vanished from the spotlight after the death of G. Bubs and Cas Loc.

Allies & Rivals

The Project Crips have a strong alliance with the Casa Blanco Gangster Crips, they also share common enemies as well, for instance they both feud with the 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips and the West Side Riva along with the East Side Riva. Other allies are the Altadena Blocc Crips and the Whitsett Ave Gangster Crips as well as the Du Roc Crips. The West Side Project Gangster Crips and the DogTown Rivas, are both bitter rivals of the West Side Rivas.

In The News

On Aug 15, 2005, Dijuan Jones, a African-American known member of the West Side Project Crips, was at a car stereo shop with Alicia Richards (girlfriend), their two children and William Berlanga, who is a close friend of Jones. When they noticed a Chevrolet Impala, occupied by four Hispanic males, with affiliation and criminal ties to the West Side Riva, a known rival gang of the Project Gangster Crips.

As the Impala drove by at a slow speed, Dijuan Jones and William Berlanga exchanged aggressive eye contact with the 4 latino males, as they departed from the scene. In gang culture, holding eye contact longer then five seconds is considered a challenge or a sign of disrespect, and can result in fatal consequences. Jones advised his baby mother to leave with their two children, fearing for the safety of his family.

Moments later, Jones and William Berlanga spotted Mario Ivan Soto, a member of the West Side Riva who was also one of the Latino males in the Chevy Impala from earlier, approaching with an Semi-automatic handgun tucked in his waistband of his pants. At this point in time, Jones retrieved a semi-automatic handgun from his car. Dijuan Jones and Mario Ivan Soto, walked up to each other and engaged in a conversation.

Once, Alicia Richards arrived at home, Jones brother Richard Whitley, who is also a member of the Project Gangster Crips, had stopped by the house. Alicia notified Richard Whitley  regarding the situation with the situation at the stereo shop, with the West Side Rivas. Whitley, immediately rushed to his car in a panic and drove to the location at a high-speed with a fully loaded gun inside the palm of his hand.

Meanwhile, at the car stereo shop Jones and Mario Ivan Soto, were having a conversation about ending the feud between the two warring gangs (Squash). Dijuan Jones and Mario Ivan Soto, knew each other since childhood, they both came to a mutual understanding, they shared smiles, shook hands and took each other as being a man of their word.

In gang culture, there’s no signing an agreement contract or filing lawsuits in court. Every dispute or conflict of interest, is settled verbally (gang meeting). If an agreement or promise is broken the consequences is always violent repercussions.

Once Jones brother Richard Whitley, arrived at the scene, only to find Jones laying on the ground covered in blood. Richard Whitney, saw Soto fleeing from the scene in a nearby alley. Whitney gave chase and open fired (multiple shots), while running. However, Mario Soto managed to escape, due to him having a head start. Richard Whitney then ran back to the scene, to comfort his brother as he slowly died.

When police arrived at the shooting location, they found Jones already deceased. Mario Soto, was arrested and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, along with 25 years to life for discharging a firearm in public. Alicia Richards, stated that Jones knew Soto before the shooting and he visited their house on several occasions.

The Projects Gangster Crips, viewed this as being an act of cowardice, to agree to a truce, shake hands and then shoot somebody after lowering their guard. Jones was shot two times in the back, once in the abdominal region and a bullet grazed across the back of the head. In 2006, the West Side Project Crips retaliated by killing a high-ranking member of the West Side Rivas adding fuel to the flames of the two feuding gangs.



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