Pueblos bishop bloods

The Pueblo Bishop Bloods (PBB) is an American-American long-standing street gang located on the East Side of  South Los Angeles, California. The Pueblo Bishops derives its name from the Pueblo Del Rio housing project, which is near East 55th Street and South Alameda street. Their territory is well-known on the streets, and is often referred to as the Low Bottoms.”

In 1972, the 92 (Nine Deuce) Bishop Pueblos was established byBobby Lavender” after his friend “Skip” was shot, and killed by a rival crip gang (East Side Crips). Since then, they have grown from a street gang to a more organised criminal empire, with over 300 active members, controlling the Pueblo de Rio through intimidation and acts of violence against residents and members of rival gang.

92/52 Pueblos Bishop Bloods (50s To The Dubs)

The Pueblo Bishops consist of two cliques; the 52 (Five DeucePueblo Bishops and the 92 Bishop Bloods. The 5-Deuce Pueblos Bishop Bloods also known the “East Side Low Bottoms” or “Low Bottoms 50s,” which is their largest click and is located on 52nd Street, inside of the Pueblo Housing Projects. The Projects spread from Compton Blvd and Alameda Street, and stretches from 50th Street to 59th Street (The 50s). 

The 92 Pueblo Bishops also knownas the 9-Deuce Bishop Bloods or 92 (9-Deuce) Be-bop Watts Bishop Bloods which,which is located on 92nd Street all the way to Firestone Blvd, between Graham Ave and Elm Street. From the 50’s to the Dubs, the “50s” represent the Pueblos Bishop Bloods in South Los Angeles, and the “Dubs” is a reference to the 92 Bishop Bloods.


In 2010, FBI agents and LAPD officers arrested 41 members of the Pueblo Bishops Bloods, after a two-year investigation dubbed as the “Operation Family Ties.” Members of the Pueblos, were indicted on  federal racketeering charges. They are also accused of using Mob tactics such as: violence, murders, bribery, extortion, gang related shootings, and witness intimidation.

They are known to terrorize residents, who live within the pueblos projects, to control the Pueblo Del Rio housing unit. They are accused of harassing law enforcement officers who patrol the area, who patrol their stomping grounds. They are first gang (bloods or crips) to be hit in a gang sweep that involved the Organize Crime Rico Act.

The Pueblos made the news again, when Anthony Gabrourel, 23, a known member of the Bishop Pueblos Bloods, who goes by the nickname “Bandit,” shot an innocent man in the back with a shotgun. The victim was vacuuming his car when he was killed in front of his 2-year-old son. The victim was a hispanic male, who were mistaken as a member of the 38th Street Gang.

Allies & Rivals

The Pueblos have an alliance with the Bebop Watts Bloods, this alliance is referred to as “Bebop Watts Bishop Bloods” or “Bebop Watts Bishop Bloods.” They also have a truce with the Avalon Gangster Crips. Since, both gangs share a common enemy the Blood Stone Villians. This alliance has caused animosity amongst a large number of blood gangs in South Los Angeles, Ca.

Their ach rival are the Blood Stone Villians, this is one of the longest blood on blood feuds in the history of Los Angeles gangs. This conflict has caused fatal gang related shootings and innocent bystander casualties. Other rivals include: Mad Swan Bloods48 Gangster CripsE/S 42 Gangster Crips, E/S 43 Gangster Crips, and the 6 Pacc East Coast Crips.

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