The Queen Street Bloods (QSBG) are an African-American/Black street gang located on the West Side of Inglewood, California. They were sanctioned into the Bloods alliance by the larger NeighborHood Pirus in the 80’s. They was named themselves after a street in inglewood (Queen Street) This gang has two subsets, the West Side QSB and the other being on 76th street.

The Queen Street Bloods territory is centered in the Queen Street and Inglewood Avenue area but incorporates surrounding blocks as well. The Queen Street Bloods gained national notabilty, when Mack 10 (rapper/CEO) released his self titled debut album in 1995.  

The QSBs appeared on a TV show called The Peacemaker, such as G-Luv, Tru G, Bosko1, and Big Donut. Members from the Inglewood Family Bloodswas also featured in the show as Squeak Ru, Rod Dog, Trim,Sko, and Be Lok. G-Luv (Queen Street Bloods) and Big Squeak (Family Bloods) are blood brother’s.

Both appeared on the show in attempt to settle a feud and cease gun fire between the Inglewood Family and the Queen Street BloodsG-Luv is also a rapper and the other half of The Road Dawgs ( Rap Group), and Squeak Ru is a member of  AllFrumTha I (Rap Group). The Queen Street Bloods is small compared to other Inglewood Bloods Gangs, but is active and known for going against larger gangs without hesitation.

In 1993 a member of  The Inglewood Queen Street Bloods, Tewhan “Massacre” Butler  and Co founder Quadree “Trouble” Smith. Started a chapter of the Bloods called “Double II Set” in East Orange, New Jersey. They also can be found in New ArkNew Jersey and in a few different states.

Their main rivals include: Raymond Avenue CripsInglewood Family GangOsage Legend Crips, and the Tongan Crips Gang.



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  1. I bemember back in the 80’s when there were no Blood vs Blood feuds. A few fist fights here and there, but that was it. Too bad how things have changed

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