The Satanas Gang (aka Ese Te Ese or STS) is a Filipino American street gang in California, established in 1972. They’re considered to be  one of the earliest and first Filipino American street gang in LA. In 1972 a car  club was launced in the LA region by several Filipino Americans whom  actually developed an ethnic connection where they were a minority. Initially in the beginning the club was solely for Filipinos. Several Filipinos became socially involved with this club. They  shortly spreaded  out  to various parts of   California area consisting of San diego,  Los angeles, Puente CerritosOxnard, and Long Beach and recently entered additional states and the Philippines.  A few other Filipino gangs for instance the Demonios as well as Diablos (not the Mexican gang of the identical name) claim their origins to Satanas, emerged between 2nd generation STS affiliates along with  more youthful brother or sisters from people who were  affiliates of STS; and the originators of  numerous several Filipino American gangs,  were  initially  associates of Satanas.  Because there were  ethnic resemblances  among the Filipinos and Mexicans and both being  proficient in Spanish, several of Ese Te Ese’s  more mature affiliates/leaders made friends with Chicano gangs in its earlier days who lived on the border lines of their neighborhoods and in vice versa. Accounts of LA gang  past history usually positioned both Filipinos and Mexicans alongside with each other in  numerous street battles. Satanas members states an extensive generation of  history,  however  as a result of  their private  procedures and no document records,  their roots can’t be fully traced. Their rivals include the Avenues, White Tigers,   La Colonia, Bahala Na Gang, Real Pinoy, MS 13Lemonwood Chiques,  18th Street gang, Avenidas, and all Nortenos gangs.


Satanas on Gangland

Man Guilty of Killing Rival Gang Member

STS member convicted of  double homicide


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