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The School Yard Crips 3X (SYC) also known as the School Yard Crip Gang (SYCG) are predominantly, but exclusively, an African-American street gang, located on the West Side in the Mid City region of South Los Angeles, California. They originated in the early 1980s, around Longwood Avenue, between Crenshaw Blvd and Venice Blvd. The School Yard Crips have over 200 active members, who are documented on police gang files.

The School Yard Crips consist of several smaller cliques such as the “Yank Mob” and the “Mid Town” as well as the “1600 Blocc”  (Longwood Ave) along with the “2800 Blocc” and the”4800 Blocc” which represent 17th Street. They are known to sport apparel by the New York Yankees and New York City, baseball caps with the large “NYC” letters, which corresponds to the second word of their name which is “Yard.

World On Wheels (Stating Rink)

The World On Wheels, is considered the most popular skating rink among gang-related youths in South Los Angeles. The World On Wheels, is located on Venice Blvd, between Pico Ave and Vicente Blvd, in Mid Town city. This region of West Los Angeles, is claimed by the School Yard Crips. However, the skating rank attracted gangs from all around Los Angeles, such as the Geer Gang Crips, Venice Shoreline Crips, East Coast Crips, Grape Street Watts Crips and rival gangs of the School Yard Crips.

The World On Wheels, also attracted power house gangs such as the Eight Tray Gangster Crips and the Denver Lane Bloods as well as Compton gangs. The School Yard Crips and the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, are two of the main rival gangs, who attended the skating rink every weekend. Which means, there were constant altercations between the two feuding gangs and occasionally gunfire will erupt in the parking lot. In 2013, the Mid-Town skating rink, officially closed its door’s for good.

Allies & Rivals

The School Yard Crips are known to feud with other Crip gangs such as the Mansfield Gangster Crips, when they were known as the Mansfield Hustlers, during the 1980s. Which means, the rivalry between the School Yard Crips and the Mansfield Gangster Crips, is over 30 years-old. The first member of the Mansfield Crips to die from a gang related death, was killed by the School Yard Crips, during the 1980’s.

The School Yard Crips also feud with all Neighborhood Crips such as the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, Rollin 50s Neighborhood Crips, and the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips. The School Yard Blood rivals are the Black P Stones and the Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods along with the Fruit Town Brims.


TeeCee 4800, is an American rapper who is affiliated with the School Yard Crips (4800 Blocc), and is signed to “Pushaz Ink,” which is a record label founded by Compton rapper YG 400 of Tree Top Piru and DJ Mustard. The School Yard Crips consist of several locals rappers such as WestBred Diamond and C-Breezy as well as Reem Riches.

Darren Taylor, known on the streets as “Bo” helped mediate the 1992 “Watts Truce” between the Bloods and Crips is the founder of Unity One, which is a gang violence prevention program, to help kids avoid gangs, and counsel inmates at the Downtown, Los Angeles county jail, is a former member of the School Yard Crips. In 2008, Darren Taylor, died of cancer at the age of 42.


School Yard Crips and Geer Gang Crips hit with injunctions



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  1. the scraps bullshit history began in 1974 1975 and they was called mid city pop lock dancers . they was hooked up with or a part of the rock n roll pop lock dancers. just like the girly girls were rolls Royce dancers …the marvins were called starline dancers… pbgcs were called playboy dancers…all of these crips were pop lockin crews that turned into crip gangs later. mfgcs didn’t come on the seen until the mid 1980s same with by yourself hustlas crips and the most newest crip gang blastin fools. but west blvds were always crips. same with venice sho line crips…on the west side. the scraps were at one time sygc but they switched up and became duces with the girls.


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  3. School yard are 2uces they just ain’t nhc
    They also used to be slobk they used to hang with the twinkeys slobk nigga you don’t know your history about the bible crips

  4. Lol nigga’s jes come here to make new comments acting like they know what they talking about every time syc gets mentioned on those la_hood_strikeups or la_hood_maps pages and even then 80% of the nigga’s on IG dont know what they talking about either. Also all of you people subscribed to la_hood_maps on instagram should know he used to go on a website called until he got exposed for making false claming whitsett avenue crip and he was on another account claiming a fake gang elva avenue compton crip lol. his name is AltaiWS on, go google his name or go to the website and look at his post history and see how he got exposed lol. Ask him about it on his instagram and he’ll delete and block you. la_hood_maps from instagram = AltaiWS from exposed for false claiming whitsett avenue gangsta crip and for false claiming another fake gang he made up on another account.

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  6. The only NH’s the School Yards REALLY beef with is the R60s. The 40s don’t have a real beef with them, but maybe the 90s have a fued. They also get along with the R100s

  7. SY’s really just beef with the 60’s & maybe the 90’s. They don’t have a real beef with the Rollin 40’s and they get along with the Rollin 100’s

  8. How you Brothers from 2nd ave 20’s tripping on the Yard when my homey Sleet spoke at your Big Homeys funeral , Rocky, The yard loved him he was cool wit everybody a real go getter. But you on a one way ticket to Hell if you don’t kill that non forgiveness, in your heart, if you want to go to heaven get saved and Jesus will forgive you for your sins if you forgive others. We in the last days, Rapture and tribulation is coming, Satan is busy keeping this killing of souls to come to Hell , thats where you don’t want to go. Black man brought in chains over here in Boats because we didn’t follow Gods Laws and get free to 40 years later beefing wit each other to get put in chains and go to these prisons, while the police killing Niggas all over but we going at each other. Maybe no one is told you that you are loved, Jesus loves you and your life is more precious then to focus on Satans work, Raise your kids, get this money keep God first and get out of LA, Go to Brazil like I did, I lived all over and been to the Pen, a real Nigga who got into Voodoo and Jesus saved me, Don’t be a follower of man follow Jesus, Tupac is in Hell, Biggie is in Hell, Rick James , whitney Houston in Hell, Elvis in hell, If you want God to Forgive you, Forgive others, Don’t leave the doors open for the real Enemy Satan.

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  11. Yards started from bible crip and there trays OG lil Q-ball were you at big homie niggas got yards fucked up ain’t no duces mid town riderz and 60 killerz

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