The Sons Of Samoa (SOS) also known as the Sons Of Samoa Crips are primarily a Polynesian/Samoan Crip gang that emerged on the East Side of Long Beach, California, between the early 1980s or mid 1980s. Sons Of Samoa Crips are considered to be among the first initial Polynesian gang to populate around Long Beach.

Their structure was influenced by black street gangs, and they also aligned themselves with Crips. Their cliques consist of the Eastside Dawgs 10th St, Suicidal Gang 15th St., and the Westside Cee Weez Trey Life 32nd St. Their territory stretches  from Wardlow Street to Willow Street, between Webster Ave to the 710 freeway.

Allies & Rivals

They’ve an alliance with the Inglewood Tonga Crips gang. Other allies include the USO (United Samoan Organization) and the Asian Boyz Crips. EFCC Gang. Their main rivals are all Samoan Blood/Piru gangs such as Carson West Side Piru and the Scottsdale Piru. Other rivals include East Side Longos 13Rollin 20s CripsInsane Crips, as well as the West Side Rollin 60S Crips.


SOS Gang In 1985


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