South Side Village Crips

The South Side Village Crips (SSVC), also known as the Hate Gang are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American criminal street gang operating in the Southern region of Pomona (P-Town), California. Their territory is located South of Mission Blvd, between Buena Vista Avenue and Garey Avenue. They share the South Side of Pomona with the Varrio 12th Street, the largest Latino street gang in Pomona.

Members of the South Side Village Crips are known to sport fitted caps by the Seattle Mariners, a professional baseball team based in Seattle, Washington. The South Side Village Crips were known for having key players in the drug business, with multiple dope houses. In 2008, the South Side Village Crips along with the West Side Mafia as well as the 456 Island Piru were the center focus of a narcotics investigation.

Allies & Rivals

The South Side Village Crips are allies of the 357 Sin Town Crips (SouthWest), they also share common enemies such as the 456 Pirus and the 12th Street, the largest Latino gang in the city of Pomona. The back and forth shootings, between the South Side Village Crips and the 12th Street Gang, are racially motivated.

Other allies of the South Side Village, are the West Side Mafia Crips and other gangs under the Gangster Crips (3x Trays).  The Hate Gang Crips also feud with T.K. Tinto Killer, a Mexican-American tagging crew based in Pomona. Tinto is a derogatory Spanish term for an African-Americans.