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Squeak Ru (born Marcus Moore) is an African-American rapper from Inglewood, California. Squeak Ru is also the other half of Allfrumtha I (rap group) along with Binky Mack. The two first appeared on the Westside Connection album Bow Down, on a song called “Hoo Bangin” in 1996. Squeak Ru released solo albums consist of Fatworld and Digital Fatworld in 2008. Squeak Ru is the older Brother of G Luv (from The Roaddawgs), and is a member of the Neighborhood Piru (500 Block).

Allfrumtha I, released their self titled album Allfrumtha I in 1998. The album released two singles, along with music videos for “County Jail” and “Fill My Cup”. They released two other albums Uncut (2001) and Larger Than Life (2005).  appeared on several projects such as: The Substitute (soundtrack), “Danger” and Gang Related (soundtrack), “Get Yo Bang On” and West Coast Bad Boyz II (compilation album) “Got Tha Best Hand”

Squeak Ru and G-Luv, are half-brothers who was featured on the History Channel, television show called The Peacemaker. In an attempt to find a solution between Squeak Ru’s gang (Neighborhood Piru), and G-Luv’s gang (Queen Street Bloods).


  • 2008: Fatworld
  • 2008 : Digital Fatworld

Allfrumtha I

  • 2005: Larger Than Life
  • 2001: Uncut
  • 1998: Allfrumtha I


  • 2006: Rep Yo Set –  “Cherryed Up”
  • 2005: One Million Strong: Vol. 2 Love Peace & War – Say It Loud (L.A. United)
  • 1999: Mob Tales – “Lockdown”

Music Videos

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