Tiny Rascals

The Tiny Rascals Gang or “Tiny Raskal”, (TRG) was developed in Long Beach, California during the mid 1980’s. It was created by Cambodians juvenile youth groups, and is currently considered to be one of the biggest, Asian Street gang in the United States. 2sets are known as “The Grey Rags” and “The Blue Rag“. The Tiny Rascals Gang was influence by Black Street Gangs. This gang is known to have members in Fresno, Sacramento, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Kansas, Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia, California, New York and Canada. Members are both male and female. The girls are referred to as the “Lady Rascals Gang“. Initially the primary function was to protect Cambodians from various other well-known gangs in Long Beach, that were predominately made upped of  Mexicans, African-Americans and  other Asian Gangs. Therefore,  at first  only Cambodians was permitted to join, however later on allowed other Asian Americans to join too. The Tiny Rascals had over ten thousands members making them the largest Asian Gang in the United States. The Rascals large numbers caused a feud within the gang  and eventually  caused a split one half remained TRG and the other half  called themself the Asian Boyz (ABZ). A lot of  the Tiny Rascal Gang members from the Long Beach, area has actually been deported either as a result of  their prohibited condition in the United States, or for committing criminal offenses as non citizens, or both. As an outcome of these deportations, member of  TRG have actually recruited a lot more members in their home land Cambodia. Today The  Long Beach Tiny Rascals in Long Beach, consist  Of Asians/Combodians, Filipinos, Latinos and African Americans. Their main enemies are the Asian Boyz and the East Side Longos. Other enemies are the  Rollin 20s Crips, Insane Crips, and Sons of Samoa.


TRG On Gangland

Tiny Rascals Big Trouble

Gang Member Charged With 5 Murders

Exiled to Cambodia


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