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Tracy Lamar Davis (born April 27, 1966), best recognised by his stage alias Tray Deee, is an American rapper who was at one time signed to Suge Knight label Death Row Records and in the future signed to Snoop Dogg’s label Dogghouse Records. He is also a member of Tha Eastsidaz (Rap Group) which sold over a million records, along with Goldie Loc and Snoop Dogg. Tray Deee debuted on a song called “21 Jump Street” off the Murder Was The Case (Soundtrack). Tray Dee was convicted of a gang related shooting and charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 12 years in the penitentiary in 2005. Tray Dee is affiliated with the Long Beach Insane Crip Gang.

Tha Eastsidaz and Their Break Up


Tray Deee joined Tha Eastsidaz, which consisted of himself, Snoop Dogg and Goldie Loc. Tha Eastsidaz released two albums (Tha Eastsidaz) which went platinum and (Duces ‘n Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way) which was certified gold. The trio was featured on the Baby Boy (Soundtrack). Tha Eastsidaz also made their acting debut on Baby Boy (Film) and Tha Eastsidaz (Film) and collaborated with other artist’s on  Doggystyle Records, Slim Shaddy Records, and Aftermath Records. However,  their success was short-lived when Trae Deee and Goldie Loc  manager, uncovered financial manipulation by Snoop Dogg and Doggystyle Records.

In an interview with, the Long Beach, California rapper revealed that he has buried the hatchet with Snoop after nearly five years of no communication. The two actually spoke, and agreed to leave their past in the past.

“I finally enjoyed a warm conversation with Snoop Dogg after over five years of no communication whatsoever,” Tray Deee said. “We agreed to let the past go like water under the proverbial bridge and we even shared a few genuine laughs.”

Despite a line of communication being open, the rapper said he and Snoop still have problems financially. According to Tray Deee, there was a contractual dispute that lead to their falling out, and that problem still exists.

“We still have some existing financial discrepancies left to resolve and from our roughly 10 minute conversation, I could not gauge whether or not he is yet prepared to face that reality,” Tray Deee shared. “Honestly, I once cared for the dude like the little brother that I never had. So, while I detest the circumstances which led to our dissolution and resulting enmity, I can’t proclaim any lingering hatred for Snoop because my love for him was authentic. Insha-Allah which means ‘God-willing,’ everything will work out for the best in due time.”

As far as Goldie Loc, he says working with him will never happen, simply because Goldie never showed any loyalty to him although they were in the same boat when it came to the “financial discrepancies” he talked about.

“Now Goldie Loc, he has never exhibited any degree of loyalty toward me,” explained Tray Deee. “When our contractual abuse was uncovered by our then manager, I instructed Goldie that the only chance we had at rectifying the situation is if we stood unified, but he continued to run behind Snoop, which caused me to appear as the trouble-maker/bad guy. The few times I’ve managed to speak with him since my incarceration, he’s been evasive or outright lied to me.

“… I have no interest of f***in’ with Goldie Loc ever again — except to be compensated by him for prominently featured on his CD,” he continued.

Duces ‘n Trayz


Snoop Dogg, Goldie Loc, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Daz, are all members of the Long Beach Rollin 20s Crips (Duces). On the other hand Tray Dee, Bad Azz, Battlecat, and Swoop G, are all members of the Insane Crips (Trayz). Their affiliation with Tha Dogg Pound & Tha Eastsidaz, helped create an unofficial alliance between the Rollin 20s Crips and the Insane Crips. Snoop Dogg and Tray Deee collaborated on a song called “21 Jump Street” off the Murder Was The Case (Soundtrack) which was dedicated to this movement. The Rollin 20s Crips and their rival the Insane Crips, participated in functions such as: video shoots, parties, and studio sections without no confutation. However, On February 2, 2005, Tray Deee was convicted and sentenced to 12  yrs behind bars for attempted murder, arising from a 2003 collision in which he shot at rival gang members who was affiliates with the Rollin 20s Crips.


  •  The General’s List (2002)
  • Duces ‘n Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way (2001) (with Tha Eastsidaz)
  • Tha Eastsidaz (2000) (with Tha Eastsidaz)



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