Valley High Gangster Crips

The Valley Hi Gangster Crips (VHGC) also known as the Valley Hi Crips (VHC) are a criminal street gang named after the “Valley Hi” Community located in the Southern region of Sacramento, California. Which they share with other street gangs such as the Valley Hi Pirus and the Valley Hi Nortenos.

The Valley Hi Gangster Crips primary cliques consist of the 6400 Block and the 6500 Block (Five Block) of Valley Hi Drive. Lil Face, is an American rapper who is affiliated with the Valley Hi Gangster Crips. He rose to recognition after releasing “Crippin”, a music video featuring Big Gunplay of the Garden Blocc Crips.

Allies And Rivals

The Valley Hi Gangster Crips are allies of the Garden Blocc Crips and the North Highlands Gangster Crips as well as most gangs under the Northern Cali Crip card. They are rivals of the Valley Hi Pirus and the Del Paso Heights Bloods along with the MeadowView Bloods.

In 2004, the Valley Hi Crips were engaged in a violent feud with the Del Paso Heights Bloods and the MeadowView Bloods. Which resulted in multiple drive-bye shootings, causing casualties throughout the streets of Valley Hi.


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