204th Street Gang

Varrio 204th Street also known 204th Street Gang or 204th Street 13 are an Mexican-American criminal street gang located in Torrence, California.  They originated in the 1980s, around 204th Street, between Western Ave and Denker Ave. Despite, being named after a residential street, their neighborhood actually stretches from 204th Street to 209th Street near Torrence Blvd.

The 204th Street Gang, were originally a sub-click of the larger Torrence Tortilla Flats, another Latino street gang located in Torrence. However, by the late 1980s, they branched off from the Torrence Tortilla Flats, and established their own identity “204th Street.” Their decision to operate independently, has created tension between the two gangs.

Hate Crimes


The 204th Street are mainly known for their hate crimes against African-Americans, similar to the Compton Varrio 155 and the Azua 13, who also share a common hatred for blacks. In 2006, the Varrio 204th Street, made headlines after the killing of a 14 years-old black girl, Cheryl Green, who was gunned down while playing outside in the driveway of her house located in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood.

Jonathan Fajardo and Ernesto Alcarez, known members of the 204th Street Gang, was charged with first degree murder of Cheryl Green. Two weeks later, Christopher Ash, another member of the 204th Street Gang and a potential witness of the hate crime, was stabbed more than 60 times and died from wounds, after being accused of talking to the police about Green’s murder (snitch).

Christopher Ash, body was found wrapped in a bloody blanket with multiple stab wounds, along with 5 blunt force injuries to the head and dumped on Grace Ave, in the city of Carson. Jonathan Fajardo, was sentenced to death and 200 years to life in prison. Ernesto Alcarez, was found guilty of murder, attempted murder along with hate crime charges and sentenced to 238 years to life in prison.

The 204th Street have a history of committing racially motivated hate crimes, but these acts received little to none media attention, until the death of Cheryl Green. In 1997, 11 year-old Marquis Wilbert, an African-American kid with no gang affiliation, was shot and killed by a 204th Street member on a bicycle. In 2001, Robert Hightown, a Pasadena high school student, was fatally shot after hugging his sister, by a member of the 204 Street Gang.



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