Varrio Posole 13

The Varrio Posole Locos (VPLS), also known as Varrio Posole Locos 13 (VPLS) is an Mexican-American criminal street gang, located in the Eastside neighborhood of Oceanside, San Diego County, California. Their origins date back to the 1950s, which evolved around three families the JaimesEnglebrechts and the Morenos family.

The Varrio Posole Locos, is the oldest and largest gang in the city of Oceanside, with over 300 members. They are a multi-generation street gang located East of the 5 Freeway, and  share the EastSide community with the Crooks Mobsters Gangsters, a predominantly African-American street gang who mainly feud with Samoans and Latino gangs, especially in Oceanside. 

Allies And Rivals

In the 1990s, the Varrio Posole Locos formed an alliance with their main rival Center Street Locos, against black gang members and were responsible for much of the gang violence in the city. However, this alliance eventually shattered over time, due to past altercations and animosity. Members of the Posole are allies of  The Mexican Mafia and have gang-ties to drug cartels in Mexico.

They are on good terms with the Deep Valley Bloods, due to their mutual hatred for the Oceanside Crips, such as the Crook Mobsters Gangsters and the Insane Crip Gang as well as the Deep Valley Crips.

Gang injunctions

In 1997, a gang injunction was filed against the Varrio Posole Locos, which included twenty-eight members of the Varrio Posole. In 2003, the courts granted the district attorney (D.A.) a second injunction, due to the gang maintaining a visible presence in Oceanside. In 2011, a third injunction was filed against 52 members of the Varrio Posole Locos, in an attempt to dismantle the gang.



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