Walnut Blocc Crips

The Walnut Blocc Crips (WBC) are primarily an African-American street gang located on the East Side of Lynwood, California. Their neighborhood is around Walnut Ave and Harris Ave, near the 105 Freeway. The Walnut Blocc Crips, consist of two cliques’ the 3600 Block (Tray-6 Crips) and the 3800 Block (Tray-8 Crips), along Walnut Avenue. They are known to sport apparel with the “WB” (Warner Bros) logo, to represent “Walnut Blocc” along with the original classic blue, worn by the crips.

The Walnut Blocc Crips, are known for leaving their gang signature (graffiti) on vandalized buildings, sidewalks/walls, and various vacant properties. It’s common to see graffiti that reads Wacco and P-Nutt, followed by W.I.P (Walnut In Peace), both was well-known members of the Walnut Blocc Crips, who passed away. The Walnut Blocc Crips have been around for over twenty-five years and is considered rivals of the Lynwood Neighborhood CripsMob Piru and especially the Cross Atlantic Pirus.




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