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The South Side Watts Varrio Grape 13 (SSWVG) are primarily a Mexican American criminal street gang located in Watts, around the Jordon Downs Projects region of South Los Angeles, California. Their original name was Watts Varrio Grape (WVG) which was a mixture of Blacks and Mexican-Americans. However, in the 1970s, the Latinos members eventually joined the Mexican Mafia Sereno brand. This led to them changing their name to South Side Varrio Grape and adopted the number 13 (South Side Varrio Grape 13).

As a result, the black members of  Watts Varrio Grape Street created Watts Baby Loc/Grape Street Watts Crips. However, the two gangs has maintained a strong alliance  with each other throughout the ages. The S/S Watts Varrio Grape and Fudge Town Mafia Crips became bitter rivals, which caused a lot of bloodshed between the two. On june 4th, 2012 an innocent father was shot while holding his one year old  child (Angel Mauro Cortez Nava) ,who died from a single gunshot to the stomach. Donald Ray Dokins 15, affiliated with Fudgetown Mafia Crips, was charged as an adult and receieved 90 years in prison.

The S/S Watts have three cliques: Tiny Wynos (TWS), Gangster Locos (GLS), and the (TRS). The South Side Watts Varrio Grape 13, also wear the color purple along with the Grape Street Watts Crip. Their rivals include: Fudgetown Mafia Crips, Watts Varrio Elm StreetWeigand ColoniaWatts 13, Watts Ivy Street, Watts Hickory Street and the Florencia 13.



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