William Loshawn Calhoun, Jr. Better known as WC (Pronounced Dub C), was (born February 3, 1970), is an American gangster rapper from South Central, California. WC was in three rap groups which are Low ProfileWC And the Maad Circle, and the Westside Connection. WC is also the older brother of Crazy Toones (producer) and a good friend of Compton rapper Coolio. WC has 4 solo albums and six collaboration albums under his belt. WC wear’s 3 individual braids (triple ones) in his beard which represent his affiliation to the 111 Neighborhood Crips.

Music Career

In 1998, WC made his solo debut with the shadiest One (album) with three singles “Just Clowin”, ”Cheddar”, and “Better Days”. The Shadiest One featured artist such as CJ Mac, Mack 10, Ice Cude, E-40 and Too Short. WC released his second album, Ghetto Heisman thru Def Jam Records in 2002. In 2007 he put out his third solo album Guilty by Affiliation thru Ice Cube record label Lench Mob Records. Four year’s later, WC released his fourth solo album Revenge of the Barracuda in 2011.

Low Profile & WC And The Maad Cicle

Low Profile was a duo rap group consisting of WC and DJ Aladden. In 1989 the two released their debut album called (We’re In This Together) with two singles “Payin Ya Dues” and “Funky Song” before parting ways. This lead to the creation of WC And The Maad Circle along with  Sir Jinx, DJ Crazy Toones, and Compton rapper Coolio. In 1991 they released their debut album Ain’t A Damn Thang Changed with guest appearances by Ice Cube and MC Eiht of (Compton’s Most Wanted). In 1995 they released their second album Curd Servin with two singles “West Up” and “The One”

Westside Connection

WC is best known as a member of the Westside Connection (rap supergroup) collaboration project’s. The Westside Connection consisted of WC, Ice Cube, and Mack 10. The group debuted with Bow Down (Album) with two lead singles “Bow Dow” and ”Gangstas Make the World Go Round” peaking at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and going platinum, selling 1.7 million copies worldwide. In 2003 they released their second and final album Terrorist Threats, the lead single called “Gangsta Nation” featured the late Nate Dogg. However, the group broke up due to tension between Mack 10 and Ice Cube. “Asked by a fan if the emcees will ever reunite, Cube answered, “I never say never, but he has the kiss the ring first.” 


  • (2013) West Coast Gangsta Shit (with Daz)
  • (2011) Revenge of the Barracuda
  • (2007) Guilty by Affiliation
  • (2003) Terrorist Threats (Westside Connection)
  • (2002) Ghetto Heisman
  • (1998) The Shadiest One
  • (1996) Bow Dow (Westside Connection)
  • (1995) Curb Servin (WC And The Maad Circle)
  • (1991) Ain’t A Damn Thang Change (WC And The Maad Circle)
  • (1989) We’re in This Together (Low Profile)


  • All City
  • West Up
  • Gangstas Make The World
  • Bow Down
  • Let It Reign
  • That’s What I’m Talking About
  • The One
  • Pay Ya Dues
  • Funky Song
  • You Know Me