The West Boulevard Crips (WBC) are an well-known African American street gang located on the West Side in the West Adams/Hyde Park region of South Los Angeles, CA. The West Blvd Crips originated around West Blvd and 29th Street in the 1970’s. Their cliques consist of 30th Street and 29th Street as wll as 28th Street.

The West Blvd Crips also have a sub-set known as the 64 West Blvd Crips, located on the West Side of Inglewood, California. Their neighborhood is around West Blvd, btween 64th Street and Hyde Park Blvd. The 64 West Blvd Crips share parts of their neighborhood with west side Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips.

Allies include: Venice Shoreline CripsRollin 0’sNeighborHood Crips, and all East Coast Crips (1st Street to the 190 East Coast Crips). Rival include: Geer Gang CripsRollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods, Black P StonesInglewood Family GangNeighborhood PiruHarvard Park BrimsFruit Town BrimsVan Ness Gangster BrimsSchool Yard Crips, Playboy Gangster Crips, and Centinela Park Family Gang.



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