West Covina Mob Piru

The West Covina Mob Piru (WCMB) are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located on the East Side of West Covina, in the San Gabriel Valley, region ofCalifornia. They consist of four cliques such as the D-Block, P-Block, Covina Blvd and the Workman Ave. The West Covina Mob Piru, is not to be confused with the Mob Piru Gang located on the East Side of Compton, California.

The West Covina Mob Piru Gang as well as the Compton Mob Piru Gang, are known to sport apparel by the Minnesota Twins, a professional baseball team. Especially the Minnesota Twins baseball caps with the red “M” to signify their affiliation with the “Mob” and the red represents their allegiance to Pirus/Bloods. However, original members of the West Covina Mob Piru Gang, share gang-ties to the Compton Mob Piru Gang.

Alles & Rivals

The West Covina Mob Piru are allies of most Pirus outside of West Covina, such as the 456 Island Piru, located in Pomona and the Mob Piru Gang, located in Compton. The West Covina Neighborhood Crips, are one of their longest rivals and have been feuding for over twenty years. In more recent times, the West Covina Mob Piru and have been feuding with hispanic gangs such as the West Covina 13 as well as the Azusa 13.


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