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MC Eight – Interview on Tupac Shakur



Compton rapper MC Eight from the rap group “Comptons Most Wanted” interview on world wide rapper 2pac. MC Eight talk about how close he was with Tupac Shakur but also tells the world where Tupac went wrong by affiliating his self with compton gangs such as the MOB Piru which make caused him to take action on Orlando Anderson, which led the rapper his death.


3 Comments on MC Eight – Interview on Tupac Shakur

  1. The Big homie came correct on everythang he had to say..I was bangin your shit back in the early nineties..Hard…Very underrated..When it comes to Hop Hop..Keep it push in my nig!

  2. Eight came a long way and I’m glad him and Quik are cool now.. I just hope they make an album together soon before it’s too late..

  3. It’s EIHT (not Eight, as in the number)

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