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ShortShop – My Business (Music Video)

Screenshot (70).png

Shotshop from Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips “My Business” featuring AD Da Loc from Rollin 40’s Crips


1 Comment on ShortShop – My Business (Music Video)

  1. Crip 71/24;1(€’ \% I need a brew, before the evolutionary conservative Crip diverging landegg stone, angie the Andrew ,..plopp,..whats onertly albight the DC 23T$ for all Prostate before toilet Gangs are real,…was it ,..witch,..Dr,….snip,…20subfloors shall not augment daily fascility Buckminstre Pallace,…what,..a clust of …what? sssss,…..zzzzz,…ㅎㅆ.


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