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6 Comments on Yg – Fuck Donald Trump (Music Video)

  1. Too bad that’s completely false lol fuck donald trump he can’t do shit for America and his ass will get assassinated so continue to live in your fantasy lol internet tough guy


    • No, it’s not false at all. The Crime Statistics prove it. The biggest enemy of Black people ARE OTHER NIGGERS. The odds are you will be killed by another Nigger.
      The Nigger is a jealous animal who was born to kill another Nigger. It’s within his DNA. He is a very insecure animal with a Huge Inferiority Complex being born Black into a lousy Ghetto life to a Black Crack Whore Mama who had 6 other children by 6 different Nigger men. Good luck. Better go hide in your Shithole Nigger Ghetto. LMAO


  2. I salute the homies for the song wish they would take a stand against gang violence stop the violence


    • Two faggot Niggers who want publicity. Instead of taking a stand against Niggers killing Niggers, they want to take a stand against Donald Trump who employs thousands of Black people and has never killed anyone. LOL


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