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3 Comments on AD & Sorry Jaynari “Strapped” Feat. RJ & G Perico (Official Music Video)

  1. Compton is a Nigger Shithole. It’s bad enough that I have to go there quite often. I fucking hate going there. The Niggers turned it into a complete Ghetto Shithole like they do with everything else.


    • fuCC you “roCCo”, and stop lieing you never Ceen to Compton and you stepped 1 foot inside of Compton or any other ghetto in ameriCa you over 40 year old (Honkey!!!!!!) diCC suCCing,eunuCh,slave boy.


      • “Lieing” is no such word. It is spelled “Lying”, you dumb, ignorant, uneducated Nigger. What does being over 40 years old have to do with stepping into a Nigger Ghetto? You mean no one over 40 ever goes into a Ghetto? So a 41 year old man is not allowed by law to go into a Nigger Ghetto? You really are a dumb, ignorant Nigger. LMAO


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