Hard Labor Day: 9 Crimes Committed By Pregnant Women

screenshot from released surveillance video

Please don’t pardon the pun. In honor of Labor Day, here are nine crimes committed by women-with-child, some of whom committed their bad-doings while on the brink of going into just that — labor. Also consider this a reminder: It’s a holiday — call your mom.

1. Pregnant Driver Runs Down Deputy

PG runs down deputy

Jordan Alyse Gary, 23, of Greenville, South Carolina, presently faces attempted murder charges for running over a sheriff’s deputy on August 30, 2016. The officer had been responding to a domestic dispute between Gary and her boyfriend, and he’s expected to make a full recovery. Gary is being held without bond. 

2. Mom-to-Be Scissor-Stabs Boyfriend Over Grilled Cheese


Things got heated in July 2015 between pregnant Arkansas resident Shavonne Walker and her boyfriend, following a disagreement over the proper preparation of a grilled cheese sandwich. Walker reportedly first tried to stab the victim with a knife but, after being thwarted, successfully managed to pierce his skin with scissors deep enough to hit a bone near his waist. Domestic battery charges against Walker followed.

3. Expectant Smuggler Hides 89 Heroin Bags in Birth Canal

PG bolsas de heroína de la vagina

In March 2015, New Jersey police pulled over pregnant Marina McCarthy and her boyfriend Dakota Dunning for driving without a visible temporary registration plate. Both parties were arrested on the spot for outstanding warrants, after which an officer noticed video footage taken inside the police car of McCarthy stuffing what appeared to be drug packets into her pants. A strip search revealed that McCarthy had stashed 89 bags of heroin, each described by a female officer as “no bigger than a piece of Laffy Taffy candy,” up her soon-to-be-otherwise-occupied hoo-hah. 

4. Reproductive Panhandler Caught Driving Off in Mercedes

San Diego residents immediately took sympathy upon a visibly pregnant young woman who stood outside shopping areas with a young child and wielded a handwritten sign reading, “Please Help.” Occasionally, her boyfriend joined them. The moving roadside scene screeched to a halt, however, after residents watched the couple take off in a late-model Mercedes Benz. When a neighbor took a picture of the car’s license plate, the boyfriend threatened violence, prompting the photographer to call the police. The beggars fled. Cops ran the plates and revealed the car belonged to a woman living in a luxury apartment complex. Local news ran the story, and the trio never returned.

5. Burglary Suspect Busted at Hospital With Labor Pains

PG labor pains

At nine months pregnant in January 2016, Jamie Lee Veazey, then 23, joined her boyfriend Joseph Ducette on a crime spree throughout Louisville, Kentucky. The couple was reported to have broken into multiple homes, stolen property, and then sold the goods to various pawn shops, as well as shoplifting from stores and then returning the items for money. Police finally nabbed the couple after Veazey went to a hospital, believing she was about to give birth. At the time, the expectant parents even had ababy registry online.

6. No-Longer-Pregnant Woman Arrested for Saying She Was Still Pregnant

The hopes of would-be adoptive parents Todd and Alyssa Holmstrom were dashed in June 2016 after it was revealed that the woman whose child they had agreed to adopt was not actually with child at all. Carrie Cutler of St. Petersburg, Florida, lied to the couple, maintaining she was still pregnant after miscarrying seven months into her term. The Holmstroms are reported to have had paid nearly $15,000 throughout the entire adoption process. Cutler was brought in on fraud charges and, at the time, was pregnant again.

7. Prenatal Purse Snatcher Caught on Salon Camera


Florida woman Daniella Martinez, then 27, surrendered herself to Miami-Dade Police in October 2015 after being caught on camera stealing a purse from a hair salon. When TV stations aired the footage, the owner of yet another salon released surveillance footage of what appeared to be the same woman pocketing cash from the business’s back office. A cousin of Martinez’s boyfriend reportedly recognized her and tipped off authorities.

8. Woman (Possibly) With Child (Definitely) Makes Off With Yoga Studio iPhone


After a door was accidentally unlocked, a woman who appeared to be pregnant marched into Palmetto Bay, Florida’s Bikram Yoga Studio, looked around, swiped an iPhone from the business’s front desk, and took off. It all happened in less than 15 seconds. While the woman on camera seems to be expecting, studio owner Sam Levine said, “It looked like she was pregnant, but the chiropractor next door says he saw her and thought it was a fake baby suit, a fake pregnant suit.” She remains at large.

9. Wigged-Out Knocked-Up Thief Knocks Off U of Miami Campus

PG u of miami wiggy

While she didn’t try to hide her pregnant belly, a thief hit the University of Miami campus several times in July 2010, brandishing a new wig each time she showed up to help herself to various items. Surveillance footage caught the hair-raising robber in the act several times but, to date, this master of disguise has not been reported to have been apprehended.




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