Woman Gives Birth To Child After Being Shot In Abdomen


According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Crystal Myers and Albert Moore were among the 65 people that were shot over the holiday weekend. Moore, 24,was shot in the neck and Moore, 23, shot in the abdomen late Monday (Sept. 5.) The incident happened while the couple sat outside of their grandparents’ home. Police claim a gunman snuck up the walkway and fired nine shots before fleeing the scene. Both were taken to a local hospital where they were listed in critical condition.

Myers gave birth to a full-term baby boy, but little is know about his condition. She was reportedly due Sept. 30. Moore’s family members believe the shooting was gang-related but insists the couple doesn’t engage with any gang members. The couple was also planning to move to Iowa to escape the gun violence in Chicago. “His nickname is ‘Poohman,’ been that since he was little. That ain’t no gang nickname,” Tyler Thomas, Moore’s grandfather said. “He minds his own business. Somebody’s always getting killed. It’s this gangbanging stuff.” Police reportedly documented Moore as a gang member.

In total, 13 people were killed over the holiday weekend, raising the number of homicides to 500 this year. Police believe the shooting may have been connected to a fatal shooting the day before.



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