Underage Girl Being Investigated In Fullerton’s Triple Homicide

Frank Felix and Josh Acosta. Photo: Fullerton Police Department

Two adult males and a 17-year-old female have been apprehended in a triple-homicide in Fullerton, California. The daughter of two of the victims, age six, called 911 and“indicated” that her parents had been killed on Saturday morning. Another girl, age 10, was reportedly also on the premises during the murders.

The victims have been identified as Christopher Yost, 34; and Jennifer Yost, 39; who were the six-year-old’s parents; and Arthur William Boucher, 28, a family friend.

The suspects have been named as Frank Felix, 25 (above left) and Josh Acosta, 21 (above right), and the underage female.


Katlynn Yost, 17, Jennifer’s daughter,  had been reported missing on the day of the murders. Authorities say the teenager was located shortly thereafter and is unharmed, but they would not confirm whether or not Katlynn was the female suspect.

Sergeant Jon Radus of the Fullerton Police Department said at a press conference:

“State laws prevent law enforcement from releasing the names of juveniles arrested for crimes. That being said, a 17-year-old female juvenile has also been detained in connection with the murders and is in the custody of the Orange County Juvenile Hall. The suspects and family are known to each other. This is not a random act of violence.” 


According to neighbors who spoke under the condition of anonymity, Christopher Yost was a mechanic and Jennifer Yost was a stay-at-home mom. Boucher was a friend who visited the home on occasion.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the victims suffered, “significant trauma,” but authorities have not further elaborated on the cause and manner of deaths. No weapons were recovered from the scene.

The Times also reports that a cinderblock wall in the family’s yard contained the etched words, “I love you mom.”

Main photos: Frank Felix and Josh Acosta. [Fullerton Police Department]

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