Mayhem in Chicago: Mom Watches Two Sons Shot Dead

Image result for chicago gangsLast week, a Chicago mother watched in horror Thursday afternoon as her two sons were gunned down at a South Shore restaurant.

Shots rang out inside Nadia Fish and Chicken, leaving four dead on a day of unbridled mayhem in the Windy City.

When the gun smoke cleared by nightfall, seven lay dead following three shootings in the span of 12 hours, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Four of those victims were found in or near Nadia Fish and Chicken, where brothers Raheem and Dillon Jackson were fatally shot when a man approached and opened fire.

Dillon, 20, was found dead outside the restaurant, according to the Chicago Tribune. His brother was found a short time later slumped against a nearby tree.

The brothers had been visiting their mother, who worked at the eatery. She told the Chicago Tribune she watched her sons die steps away from her.

“I can’t go on, my life is over,” she said. “I’m about to god—- kill myself.

“I was standing right here in the window, they killed ’em right in front of me.”

According to the report, the boys’ mother was seen pacing in a nearby parking lot, within view of and equal distance from her dead sons.

Two additional victims were found shot dead inside the restaurant.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said on Twitter late Thursday that the shooting was likely a gang-related retaliation for “another incident” and detectives are making “good progress.”

Earlier, about a mile from the restaurant, the body of 26-year-old Patrice L. Calvin was discovered in a home. The medical examiner’s office says Calvin, who was four months pregnant, suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

The latest shooting happened late Thursday when a vehicle pulled alongside a van in the city’s South Shore neighbourhood. A man and woman were shot, police said, and the van crashed into a pole.

“You lose count of the shootings after a while,” Kyra Carr, who lives a few blocks away and said she heard the gunfire, told the Sun-Times. “But seven bodies in a day. Crazy. Something is wrong.”

No arrests have been reported by police.





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