Hoover Criminals Gang

43 Hoover Criminals Gang or 4-Tray Hoover Criminals Gang and formerly known as the 43 Hoover Crips Gang, located on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California. The 43 Hoover Criminals Gang, originated in the 1970’s, around 43rd Street and Hoover Street, between Figueroa Ave and Vermont Ave.

The 43 Hoover Criminals Gang, were the first sub-set of the Hoover Criminals Gang. They emerged in the 1970s, from the original Hoovers known as the Hoover Groovers. Due to their alliance, with “Tookie” gang known as the West Side Crips, the Hoovers became known as the Hoover Crips Gang. The 43 Hoover Crips Gang, were the second gang birthed from the Hoover Crips Gang.

In the 1990s, The Hoover Crips eventually turned Criminals after endless feud with surrounding Neighborhood Crips. However, by the mid-1990s, the 43 Hoover Criminals Gang numbers deteriorated at an alarming rate. Today the 43 Hoovers, are inactive with little to none gang-related activties.

Allies & Rivals

The 43 Hoover Crips Gang, are bitter rivals of the Rollin 40s Crips and the Rollin 30s Harlem Crips, as well as the 1st Street East Coast Crips. They are also rivals of all Neighborhood Crips (mainly the 46 NHC and the 48 NHC).


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  2. Remember OG Chocolate from 43 Hoovers Gangster Crips, They had way too much enemies tho 1st East Coast Crips from the Project’s, 46th,47th,48th turn Hustlers turn N-HOOD, Rollin 40’s Neighborhood Crips, Harlem Rollin 30’s Crips

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