Compton Pirus

All Compton Pirus, refer to themselves as Bompton Pirus, and are located on the East and the West Side of Compton, CA. Compton Pirus consist of  Mob Piru Gang, Suge Knight former CEO of Death Row Records, is affiated with thisCompton Piru gang, their closest allies is Lueders Park Piru (LPP). Their alliance is called Lueders Park Mob PiruGuerilla Black represent Lueders Park Piru. Tree Top Piru (TTP) DJ QuikYG 400, and Hi-C claim this Piru Gang. Cedar Block Piru The Game (rapper) and his brother Bigfase 100 claim this gang. The West Side Piru (WSP) one of the oldest and most respected Piru gang in Compton, rapper Kendrick Lamar and Problem both attended Centennial hHigh School which is located in the West Side Piru territory

Fruit Town Piru (FTP), rapper Compton Menace and Bloody Mary (RIP) from Bloods & Crips lived in this area and has connections to the Fruit Town PirusAthens Park Bloods is a blood gang in Rosewood, but they still claim Compton and is one of the few only blood set in Compton who don’t follow the tradictional Piru moniker. Cle “Bone” Sloan, a proven actor (Training Day) and director of the documentary Bastards of The Party, is affiliated with the Athens Park BloodsElm Street Piru 2nd II None (rap group) is from this gang. Campanella Park Piru rapper Mausberg (RIP) was from this affiliated to this gang. Original Block Piru 151Cross Atlantic PiruLime Hood PiruVillage Town Piru145 Neighborhood Piru, and the 135 Piru.

Pirus outside of Compton

Avenue Piru Gang (APG) is located in Inglewood CA, and is the first outside of Compton to follow the Piru brand, Redrum 781 from Bloods & Crips is from this gang. The Avenue Piru Gang closeset allies are the Neighborhood Piru (NHP). Circle City Piru is located in Watts on 104th street, 105th street and 106th street. Watts Gangstas (rap Group) was from this gang. Skyline Piru is located in Southeast San Diego, California. Center View Piru Ray-J (singer) claim this gang. Cabbage Patch Piru is one of the most popular blood gang in Carson CAHawthorne Piru is the largest blood gang in Hawthorne CA. West Covina Mob Piru.



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