Compton Varrio 70s The Compton Varrio 70’s (CV70s) also known as Compton Varrio Setentas or Compton Varrio Seven O’s, are an Mexican-American street gang located on the East Side of Compton, California. Their neighborhood is around Alameda Street, and stretches from Alondra Blvd to Compton Blvd. They originated in the early 1970s, with membership of 200 members. By the 1980s, they had over 300 active members in the city of Compton.

The Compton Varrio 70’shave been around for several generations, and are one of the deadliest Hispanic gangs in the city of Compton. Their cliques consist of the Chicos as well as the Tiny Locos and a few more cliques. Despite their gang being on the East Side of Compton, they claim South Side (South Side Compton Varrio 70’s). Which, represent their affiliation with the Mexican-Mafia/Sureños brand.

Allies & Rivals

The Compton Varrio 70s are allies of the Compton Varrio Tres and the Mexican Mafia. They mainly feud with other Latino gangs within the boundaries of Compton, Paramount, Carson, and in the Watts district of Los Angeles. One of their main rival are the Compton Varrio T- Flats. these gangs have one of the bloodiest feud amongst latino gangs in Compton.

Compton Varrio 70s are also engaged in a bitter rivalry with the Lueders Park Pirus, and have been fueding since the 1980’s. Due to Lueders Park Pirus former alliance with the Mob Pirus, have contributed to their feud with all Compton Pirus. They also feud with some crips such as Acacia Blocc Compton Crips along with the Spook Town Compton Crips and the Farm Dog Compton Crips.

They are also known to fued with larger gangs outside of Compton as well as the 18 Street Gang and the Florencia 13. Other rivals of the Compton Varrio 70s are the Compton Varrio 155Park Village Compton CripsCompton Varrio LargosCompton Varrio Chicano Gang, and the Compton Varrio Tokers.


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