Gangster Crips (Napp)

The Gangster Crips (3x) also known as Trays or Movin Gangs primarily consist of several individual African-American street gangs, based out of South Central, Los Angeles, California. Street gangs, who fall under the Gangster Crips card, are loosely connected to the Eight Tray Gangster Crips.

The Gangster Crips (3x) formation is the result of an long-standing feud, between the Eight Tray Gangster Crips and the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips. In 1971, all hell broke loose on the streets of South Central, L.A. This rivalry, accounts for more than 50s deaths between the Eight Trays and the Rollin 60’s.

Deuces (2X) And Trays (3x)

The allies of the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips became Neighborhood Crips or adopted the Rollin 0’s under the Deuce’s ( 2x) card. Allies of the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, turned Gangster Crips, under the Tray’s (3X) card. Deuces (2x) and Trays (3X), are mortal rivals feud by over thirty years of hatred.

Despite being sworn enemies, some Gangster Crips, gangs are allies and share a close relationship with gangs under the Neighborhood Crips or the Deuce’s (2x) umbrella. For instance, the 40s Gangster Crips  have a close alliance with the East Coast Crips, who tends to fall under the Neighborhood Crips. The Neighborhood Crips or Deuce (2x) umbrella.

The 87 Gangster Crips and the 97 Gangster Crips, are allies of the Rollin 50’s Neighborhood Crips (55 NHC and the 57 NHC as well as the 58 NHC and 59 NHC). This type of alliance, has earned the 4-Tray Gangster Crips a nick-name “4-Traitors,” due to their alliance with gangs, who are known rivals of Gangster Crips 3x.

Trays Vs Trays

The gangs under the Trays have a tendency to feud with other gangs under the Gangster Crips and Trays (3x). The 40’s Gangster Crips (42 Gangster Crips43 Gangster Crips, and 48 Gangster Crips) are bitter rivals of the Avalon Gangster Crips and the Broadway Gangster Crips.

The Menlo Gangster Crips constant conflict with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, has caused them to dissociate from Gangster Crips, and later turned Neighborhood Crips (Menlo Neighborhood Crips).

The Hoover Gangster Crips, rivalry with Gangster Crips and Neighborhood Crips, in the city of South Los Angeles. Caused the Hoover Gangster Crips, to forge a new identity known as “Criminals,” with no connections or affiliation to Bloods and Crips (except the 5-Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips).

42-118 Gangster Crips In South Los Angeles

Gangster Crips In South Los Angeles

Gangster Crips/Trays 3X Outside Of South Los Angeles


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