The Lantana Blocc Compton Crips (LBCC) also known as the Lantana Blocc Crips (LBC) are predominantly an African-American street gang, located on the west side of Compton, California. Their territory is South of Campanella Park Piru and West of Nutty Blocc Compton Crips. The Lantana Blocc Compton Crips share a portion of their neighborhood with the Raymond Street Hustlers Compton Crips.

They are named after a residential street called “Lantana Street” between McKinley Ave and Wadsworth Ave near Central Ave. However, they are often mistaken for the Santana Blocc Compton Crips since their names share similarities, but these two gangs have no connections and operate as independent gangs.

Allies And Rivals

The Lantana Blocc Compton Crips are close allies of the Tragniew Park Compton Crips, which dates back as far as the 1980s. Other allies are the Palmer Blocc Compton Crips, Santana Blocc Compton Crips, Poccet Hood Compton Crips, and the Anzac Grape Compton Crips.

Their main rivals are the Raymond Street Hustler Compton Crips and the Nutty Blocc Compton Crips, a street gang also located on the West Side in Compton. Other rivals of the Lantana Blocc Compton Crips are the 151 Original Block PiruCompton Varrio 155145 PiruWest Side Piru, and all Sureno gangs.


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